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Mass Casualty Trailers Standard Equipment

A New Level of Safety for Mass Casualty Trailers

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) represents the cutting edge of lighting technology. They're brighter, more durable, and longer lasting than incandescent lighting. Recognizing the clear benefits of LED technology Disaster Response Solutions features LED Stop/Tail/Turn lights as standard equipment on our MCI trailers.
mass casualty trailers

We use torsion type axles from Dexter
instead of springs

Torsion axles provide for independent wheel suspension and allow the tire and wheel some lateral flex when making tight turns at low speeds. Unlike springs, torsion axles stand up to constant loading between response calls without flexing under the load strain. This makes torsion axles last longer than springs in this type of service.

We recommend Dexter electric brakes
instead of surge-type on Mass Casualty Trailers
  • They are similar to automotive brakes but work without hydraulic fluid
  • Electric brakes provide for adjustable braking capacity settings chosen by the driver
  • Brake controllers are standardized so switching two vehicles is safe and simple

We use DEXTER E-Z Lube hubs because:
  • They are completely submersible
  • No disassembly required to grease the bearings, just attach a grease gun at the end and inject the grease
  • Easily purges contaminated grease without removing the hub

Because Mass Casualty trailers sit the vast majority of the time, we recommend that you tow your trailer at least a few miles a month to warm and distribute the hub lubricants.

12 Volt End Connector (7-way plug)
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