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Newly Revised! - Disaster Response Triage Tag

  • Designed With The Most Recent MCI Management Concepts In Mind
  • For Use at Mass Casualty Incidents And WMD Incidents
  • Compatible With the START Triage System
  • Available With Elastic String Tie or
  • 14” Nylon Wire Tie

 Special Features:

  • Printed on Waterproof Paper
  • Individual Tag Numbers and Bar Codes
  • A Tear-Off Corner for Tracking Personal Belongings
  • A Tear-Off Section for the Transportation Group
  • Area for Noting Patient Has Been Decontaminated
  • Areas for Noting If Mark 1 Kits and Diazepam Have Been Administered

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New Triage Tag Features:
"INVOLVED But No Apparent Injuries" Bar.
Information Box for if "OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS" are involved

Free Powerpoint training videos available.

Deluxe Triage Apron

Imprinted Blue Apron Has Pockets For Holding Triage Tags, Wrist Bands, Pens, Trauma Supplies, And More.

Allows Both Hands To Be Used For Affixing Triage Tags Or Wrist Bands.

Economy Triage Apron

Imprinted Apron Has Pockets For Holding Triage Tags, Wrist Bands, Pens, Trauma Supplies, And More. Allows Both Hands To Be Used For Affixing Triage Tags Or Wrist Bands.

economy triage apron

Triage Tape Belt

  • Four Separate Pockets Hold Red, Yellow, Green, And Black Triage Tape
  • Includes Triage Tape (Also Sold Separately)
  • Adjustable Belt
  • Optional Pouch For Airways And Trauma Dressings

Dayton MMRS Triage Ribbon Belt System

  • Works With All Triage Systems Including SALT And START
  • Adjustable Belt – Can Be Worn Around The Waist Or Over The Shoulder
  • Orange Ribbon For Contaminated Victims
  • Features Multiple Pockets For Storing Medical Supplies (Available With Or Without Medical Supplies)
  • Includes 6 Rolls Of Ribbon, Flashlight, Scissors, Grease Pencil, and Pen


dayton mmrs triage ribbon belt system

Dayton MMRS Mini Triage Ribbon Kit

  • Tan Color
  • Designed For Use At Tactical Operations Such As Active Shooter Incidents
  • Multi-Point Attachment System Allows It To Work With A Variety Of Tactical Gear
  • Works With All Triage Systems Including SALT And START
  • Orange Ribbon For Contaminated Victims
  • Includes 6 Rolls Of Ribbon


MMRS mini triage system
mini triage system

First-In Triage Kit


  • Triage Vest (Your Choice of Color)
  • Pens and Grease Pencil
  • Triage Tape Belt With Triage Ribbon
  • 50 or 100 Triage Tags  
  • Triage Apron
  • Military Style Trauma Dressings (6)
  • Occlusive Dressings (4)
  • Medic Shears
  • Oral Airways (12)  
  • Pocket Mask (For JumpSTART)
  • Head lamp
  • Clipboard
  • START and JumpSTART Reference Card

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- Ideal for Ambulances, Fire Trucks, Police Cars

- Includes Medical Supplies For Rapid Interventions
- All Items Packaged In A Nylon Carry Bag

Triage and Deconned Wrist Bands

  • Tamper Proof – Prevents Patients From Changing Their Initial Triage Color
  • Triage Bands Available In Red, Yellow, Green, Black, and White With Imprints
  • Deconned Bands Available In Blue and  Orange

Treatment Area Flag With Tripod

6 Colors and Imprints Available: Red 1, Yellow 2, Green 3, Black 0, Orange TRIAGE AREA, Blue TREATMENT AREA ENTRANCE

  • Constructed Of Strong Nylon
  • Includes 10’ Tripod
  • Free Case For Flags With Purchase of 4 Flags

Please Specify Flag When Ordering.

Treatment Area And ICS Barricade Tape

  • Available In: Red 1ST PRIORITY, Yellow 2ND PRIORITY, Green 3RD PRIORITY For Treatment Area
  • 3” x 1000’ Rolls

Treatment Area Tarps

  • Set Of 4 - Red, Yellow, Green, Black
  • Constructed Of Strong 5-Mil Vinyl
  • Large 16’ x 20’ Size
  • Includes Carrying Case

EMS Command Sheets And Boards

• For use with the Incident Command System
• Allows organized command and control
• Ideal for a variety of multiple casualty incident (MCI) applications
• Perfect for large MCIs such as airplane crashes, and smaller MCIs such as motor vehicle crashes with eight or more patients
• Larger incidents should have separate command sheets for both the Medical Branch or Group and the Transportation Group
• Erasable and reusable
• Practical, Functional, and easy to use
• Ergonomically engineered for ease of use
• Use with dry-erase pens, water-based pens, or grease pencils

Laminated EMS Tactical Command Sheet (Two-Sided)
Two-sides, four-color TACTICAL COMMAND SHEET printed on front and TRANSPORTATION GROUP WORKSHEET on back.  Sheet can be stored flat or rolled.  Size 18” x 24”.  Includes a dry-erase and water based pen.

Each sheet or board includes areas for noting:
• Incident Information
• Command Assignments
• Tactical Benchmarks
• Number of Patients
• Staging Information
• Hospital Capabilities
• Hospital Utilization
• Treatment Area Information
• Patient Transport Information
• Communications Information
• Facility Locations
• WMD Considerations / Information
• Weather Information
• Contains and IMS Model Command Structure Flow Chart for MCI

ems command sheet

command sheet

Disaster Supply Pack

When disaster strikes are you ready to respond with an organized pack that has numerous supplies for mass casualties? This pack is designed for treating patients in an open scene environment or in a field clinic situation.

The pack features 16 zippered pockets constructed of heavy clear vinyl and nylon. The stored supplies are easily visible and accessible.  A variety of pocket sizes allows for supplies to be stored in their original containers or loose.

Three strong plastic hooks and straps allow for the pack to be hung in a tent, from a vehicle or wall. The pack can be stored in the Cordura bag that has double zippers for easy access and security. The outside storage bag is available in the following colors: Gray, Yellow, Red, Royal blue and Green. The internal components are always gray.

Contents Not Included. DRS has all the supplies needed to fill your Disaster Supply Pack. Please e-mail or phone us for a quote on Disaster Supply Packs fully stocked to your specifications.

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